Sustainable Tourism

The large scale industry which is the Coca-Cola Bottlers, Phils., Inc., the only bottling plant in Ilocandia settled in the rural area of the town which is committed to making a low impact on environment and generate income and employment to local people.

 The second is the transportation block which will be a transportation depot. The third is the business center block which is an alternative office environment that provides a green campus-like setting and office building that works. It will be the zone for IT schools and IT offices. The fourth block is the residential block – a 24 story building. The first 4 floors are intended for commercial and business offices and the rest of the floors are residential. The fifth is the hotel block. In it will be found a 50 room businessmen/boutique hotel known as Microtel, a US franchised hotel. The last block is the retail block. In it will be stand-alone shops like specialty boutiques and fine dining restaurants that close late at night.