Bin-I Foundation

The San Nicolas Express Bin-i Foundation-Ilocos Norte, Inc.

The San Nicolas Express BIN-I Foundation-Ilocos Norte, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission  with SEC Certificate Number 200827402 issued on June 24, 2008. 

Founded in 2004, the foundation aims to support the upgrading and delivery of survival, security and development services to the San Nicoleños. Specifically, the program aims to attain the following: (1) Undertake projects with far reaching significance to the promotion of family values, educational enrichment and health development of all San Nicoleños; (2) Assist in the development of cooperativism and entrepreneurship in the Municipality of San Nicolas, and launching of other livelihood projects geared for the creation of employment and raising the income of San Nicoleños; (3) Participate in the promotion of good governance, people empowerment and corporate responsibility; and (4) Strengthen the linkages, cooperation and mutual assistance of all San Nicoleños here and abroad.


As a practising medical specialist, Dr. Alfredo P. Valdez, Jr., sponsored the college education of a number of relatives to fulfill his promise to his father. Eventually, even non-relatives started to ask for his help. When he entered politics and became Mayor in 2004, more and more students accompanied by their parents came seeking for assistance. 

In his capacity as Mayor, during his first visit to the United States mainly to the San Nicolas organizations in Hawaii and in California, some mentioned their desire to give monetary donations for scholarship but were doubtful that their donations will not be properly accounted for and will not be given to the right beneficiaries based on their past experience. It was through these claims that stemmed Mayor Valdez’ idea of establishing the foundation which he has always dreamed of. What motivated Mayor Valdez to make this dream into a reality were the following: 1.) to protect not only donations but the funds of the foundation in general; 2.) to assure that the funds will serve their purpose; 3.) to involve respectable people in and out of the government regardless of political affiliation to ensure its smooth operations, and 4.) to leave a legacy to the municipality.  This gave birth to the San Nicolas Express BIN-I Foundation—Ilocos Norte, Inc.

In order for the foundation to be formally recognized and to ensure the sustainability of its programs, it must first acquire legal personality through registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission with a paid up capital of One Million Pesos (P1, 000, 000.00). To come up with this amount is difficult considering that the organizations abroad are also helping in the different developmental programs of the municipality.


The logo is presented with the name San Nicolas Express BIN-I Foundation – Ilocos Norte, Inc. which is a product of enthusiasm and passion that make a difference in the lives of the San Nicoleños. It was founded in 2004 but it started its operations even before it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) because of the urgent need.

The three flames speak of fervor for education. The longest flame symbolizes the citizenry, the middle flame represents the local officialdom and the third flame represents the private sector, all working hand-in-hand for the betterment of the community. The flames produce heat that characterizes the zeal of its people to realize their dreams And aspirations. They represent the people’s plea for change – thus, the word EXPRESS (EXponents of Political Reform for Economic and Social Stability).  The pot is the town itself, a God-given gift. The golden grains are the bin-i or the seeds to sow. BIN-I itself is an acronym which stands for: 

B – ballaigi or success which is achieved through endeavors of the foundation, of the people behind, and of the beneficiaries;

I– imbag or goodness sowed will yield good harvest that radiates to the community. The founder is guided by the saying, “Love is like the gentle rain that gives life and hope to a parched land.” 

N – namnama or hope that speaks of the bright hope of the people especially the beneficiaries for a brighter future, and,

I – iget or perseverance in helping in the endeavors of the foundation for a well-founded commitment and concern for the welfare of the people.

The logo is a product of the imaginative mind of the founder, Dr. Alfredo P. Valdez, Jr.

The BIN-I foundation stimulates the community to support deserving but financially- challenged students to aim high and achieve their dreams. The Mayor has always been very vocal about the importance of the dreams and aspirations of the beneficiaries as he always say, “I am honored to play even a small part in your BIG dreams.”