San Nicolas shall be a safe, peaceful and progressive Agri-Industrial and Commercial community in a culturally and  ecologically -balanced environment.

To pursue socio-economic growth through an efficient and effective governance supported by an empowered, God-loving citizenry and other partners in development.

Nine Point AGENDA

1. Effective and efficient governance

  The hallmark and foundation of the present administration is to do what is right and to do things rightly. Anchored on these time-honored principles, the LGU is focused on its bounden duty to deliver the basic needs of its people pursuant to existing laws, rules, regulations and ordinances. The improvement of the systems and procedures in the provision of effective and efficient service must be a continuing priority because the people expect no less.  In 2009, the local Sanggunian enacted the Citizen’s Charter to address the seemingly unending problem in the bureaucracy that is the unreasonable delay in government service and transactions. In 2010, the municipality was awarded as Regional Champion for being the Best Performing Local Government Unit based on LGPMS for CY 2009.

2. Environmental rehabilitation

Since day one, the LGU has conceptualized numerous programs in dealing with the growing problem worldwide that is global warming brought about by climate change. The Kalikasanicolas is the municipality’s solid waste management program which reflects its commitment to environmental quality, protection, efficient public service, and economic viability.

With the pressing issue of environmental destruction and degradation, the surging of calamities such as but not limited to El Nino and La Nina, brought about by massive deforestation and kaingin, coupled with the rapid increase of population where wastes and environmental concerns swell, the motivation to mitigate and adopt measures to combat climate change, Kalikasanicolas came into being as an answer to this environmental call.

The three actors in development, the government, the private sector and the citizenry are encouraged to walk and work with one another to see things through and realize this noble endeavor for the municipality and the common good.

The establishment of a sanitary landfill is in full gear as the town which is now touted as the economic tiger of the north is pressed to cope up with the rapid increase of waste and garbage in the community.

3. Economic development

  Bringing prosperity to the town and improving quality of life of its people are the primordial concern of the LGU. A business friendly government is now in place, it is unforgiving in its drive to curb corruption and weeded out undesirable officials and employees in its fold. The prospect of investments in the town now looks bright, as the municipality is undoubtedly becoming the business hub and emerging metropolis of Ilocos Norte. This is evidenced by the presence of the Robinsons Mall Ilocos Norte, 365 Plaza, Balai Condominium, car dealers and many more.

A very remarkable feat as the municipality is the Special Citation Award for Private and Public Partnership given by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry in celebration of the 35th Philippine Business Expo and Exhibit for years 2009 and 2010. The awards speak of the municipality’s commitment in giving quality service to the business community which in return provide job opportunities for the townspeople.

The field of agriculture was never left out.  The construction of Small Water Impounding Projects, catchment dams and other sources of water has been relentlessly pursued.  This increased rice production which necessarily increased the income of the farmers.

4. Heritage and Cultural Development

Remembering and preserving a glorious and historic past is definitely one of the cornerstones of the present leadership. It has endeavored into significant activities and is still focused in imbibing to its people the importance of appreciating the town’s history and traditions. Commemorating the town’s 100th year of Reconstitution in 2009 is a promise and an opportunity to assess the town’s performance for its first century of existence, and to define what its role would be in the next century. The jovial Damili Festival is an annual activity where the 24 barangays of the town actively showcase their local talents more in the field of native dancing.

The Damili Festival has now also become part of the Damili Festival.  The dapil is a natural and indigenous way of extracting wine from sugarcane and also other products such as molasses and vinegar.  This activity speaks of the struggles of our forebears who migrated to Hawaii where they planted and harvested sugarcane and who later are known and called as the “sakadas”.

The indigenous games are also not forgotten.  Through an ordinance, these games have now been institutionalized and now also a part of the towns activities in the fiesta.  It becomes enjoyable and a sight to behold watching the officials and the teachers pull each other out in the “tug of war” game and such other games such as “kadang-kadang”, sack race, etc. which are truly worth remembering.

Through the initiative of the Mayor, other legislations were passed for the preservation of a rich cultural heritage.  This includes among others, the preservation of Spanish Type buildings of historical significance, and the incorporation of pottery making and the History of San Nicolas as part of the curriculum of the public schools in the municipality. It was assured by concerned offices that this will be implemented in the coming school year.  The Municipal Anthem, Municipal Folk Dance and Folk dance were also adopted through municipal laws and resolutions.  This ensures the sustainability and passing of the torch to the next generation.  While San Nicolas is economically moving forward, it has not discarded the preservation of its rich cultural heritage.

5. Health and Sanitation

A healthful living in every San Nicoleno’s home is truly a worthy undertaking. Providing medicines and medical assistance to the town folks especially to those who have less in life has always been a primary program of the LGU. The local government believes that the true measure of commitment in serving the people is making sure that those who may be considered less-fortunate will find solace in the fact that their public servants are exerting all efforts in making available and within their reach essential health services and life-saving medical care and medicines. With the Municipal Health Office being Philhealth Accredited and Sentrong Sigla Awardee, there is no doubt that the health of every San Nicoleño is well-taken cared of, not because the Local Chief Executive is a doctor but a truly devoted public servant.

The highest regard to value life is best attributed to the blood-letting program of the municipality.  The Mayor who is a doctor by profession indeed leads by example as he is always on the forefront of every blood-letting activity which is actively supported by the DepEd, Liga ng mga Barangay, PPSK Federation, PNP, BFP and the private sector.

6. Peace and Order

A community cannot progress without a sound program of maintaining peace and order. Thus, the municipality has given top priority attention to this area in order to ultimately bring the town, progress and prosperity. The unrelenting efforts of the present leadership in the pursuit of a peaceful and progressive community is reaping dividends as it can now be gleaned from the town’s impressive performance in many aspects of governance. This can be evidenced by the award given by the National Police Commission to San Nicolas Municipal Peace and Order Council as the National Champion in the 2006 Search for the Best Municipal Peace and Order Council.

The influx of business establishments and the presence of the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in the locality are noteworthy considering that these translate employment to the local folks which ultimately redounds to an economically viable town. It must be underscored that a peaceful environment is of primordial consideration in attracting investors to put up their business in a community.

7. Tourism

A vital component in development is to build up the town of its potential tourist destinations. A heritage walking tour was already established. As a matter of fact, the said program has already reached the Sanggunian Bayan’s attention. The propagation of the town’s products is also given priority. Homemade foods are also attracting local and foreign tourists because of their luscious and appetizing quality. During the month of December, as the town celebrates its town fiesta dubbed as Damili Festival, the number of audience and spectators drawn to the Damili Festival is growing due to the interest it has created. Local and foreign tourists and benevolent citizens gather together to be a part of the colorful and meaningful dance parade and other notable fiesta programs.

The SWIPs of the municipality are being developed as eco-tourism sites, providing additional income for the farmers as well as the barangay folks.

8. Education

  It is still the most important aspect of development as this is truly the key to one’s success. A professional in one family is ideal and to attain this program it has to be relentless and resonant. The San Nicolas Express Bin-I Foundation Inc. is an arm which is envisioned to continue and to be passed on to future generations. The municipality also supports the “One Town, One Scholar”, program of the Commission on Higher Education where two deserving students from San Nicolas were qualified as scholars.

9. Moral and Spiritual Enhancement

    “Govern with your conscience”.  This was the favorite mantra and guiding principle of the previous leadership in so far as government operations and transactions are concerned.  Mayor Melanie Valdez thus encouraged religious groups to visit the municipality’s various offices on Mondays, to lead prayers together with the officials and employees before they start buckling to work.  She also wants this reach the barangays as well as the schools, underscoring the need to pray and be reminded of God’s presence in all programs and activities of the people.  This could be a good starting ground as relationships of most of the countries around the globe and even in the locality are becoming heated up due to many misunderstanding caused by the much detested trait of arrogance and greed of power and fame.  Under this literacy, the conduct of a Eucharistic celebration every 1st Friday of the month is being held at the municipal hall building as part of the moral recovery program for spiritual upliftment and character formation of municipal officials and employees, PNP and BFP personnel, barangay officials, teachers and other members of the community. In the public schools, Catechism is being taught to the elementary pupils by the catechists from the St. Nicholas de Tolentino Parish.  A Values Formation Seminar was conducted for the 24 SK Chairpersons and 50 scholars of the San Nicolas Bin-I Foundation at Shalom Retreat House in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. A retreat intended for municipal officials and employees is planned to be conducted to strengthen their relationship with the Almighty as well as to develop among themselves, camaraderie, closeness and solidarity in pursuit of the municipality’s vision and mission. A trainer’s training was conducted for parents and teachers for them to be equipped with necessary knowledge as they train also the different parents in the municipality.