Office of the Municipal Engineer

Engr. Venonie Coloma

Department Head

Municipal Engineer

The Office of the Municipal Engineer is committed to the people of San Nicolas, with the duty to undertake physical development; provide and implement adequate, reliable and effective infrastructure project to improve the municipality’s image and attractiveness through appropriate development guidance; and create planned and orderly communities in order to achieve our common vision for our municipality’s socio-economic, physical and environmental advancement.


  • Enforcement of the National Building Code (P.D. 1096);
  • To determine the most economical means of executing the City’s Infrastructure Projects;
  • Advise the Municipal Mayor, as the case may be, on infrastructure, public works and other engineering matters;
  • Administer, coordinate and supervise the construction, maintenance, improvement and repair of roads, bridges and other engineering and public works in the municipality;
  • To ensure equipment road worthiness to meet operational demands;
  • To maintain, administer and develop areas of scenic beauty, recreational appeal or historic interest set aside by the Municipal Government Parks & Plaza for the enjoyment and education of the public.